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Glad You’re Here!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to Our Class!
I’m looking forward to a great year for our class.  Eighth grade is an exciting year.  Not only will you be making your confirmation this year, but as the oldest students in our school you will have an opportunity to take on leadership roles amongst your peers.   There will be many opportunities for you to become involved in Faith Formation as well as Parish and Community activities.

You’ll be learning in two key areas.  First, Christian morality that is living according to God’s law of what is right and wrong.  We will also be studying the history of our Catholic Faith from Jesus’ time to the present.  Understanding our past will help us to gain appreciation for the key beliefs of our faith, how they  have evolved and why they are important.

Participating in the classroom as well as here, on-line, in our virtual classroom is am important part of how we will all learn together as we explore the topics of study.  I invite you to participate frequently in both spaces with your thoughts, questions and suggestions!

Looking forward to a great year!

Ms. Walsh

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