Finding Happiness by Abiding in God’s Ways

14 Oct

What is it that bring happiness into our lives? Is it achievement of a goal? Is it things we acquire? How do we know when we’ve achieved it?

In this week’s class we”ll talk about God’s instruction book for happiness – his plan for living a good life. To be prepared for our discussion you’ll need to read Chapter 3 of our text book and be ready to discuss these questions. You do not need to write answers to the questions in advance but you may want to highlight in the textbook or write a notes on your thoughts so that you are ready to actively participate in the discussion.

1. Look at the image above. Imagine yourself traveling on this road, it’s beautiful, your car is moving fast, the ride is amazing and your destination is even more awesome than the road you’re now on. What do you do to make sure you arrive safely? Is there any similarity to God’s plan for your life?

2. God’s plan for our happiness started with some important instructions he gave to Moses on Mt Sinai. What did God give Moses? Moses made an agreement with God on behalf of the people of Israel. What was the agreement called?

3. Who needs live by the agreement Moses made with God?

4. What is happening in the picture below? Who does the father in the picture represent? What can we learn about God’s attitude toward us from this scene?


5. What is meant by the word “conversion”? Is this something that applies to you? How is conversion related to our happiness?

6. What did Jesus teach his followers that they should do to achieve happiness? What are some things you can do today to follow what Jesus taught his disciples on the mountain?

7. Jesus gave his disciples a very important instruction on the night before he died. What was it? What else did he expect his disciples to do? What is he asking you and me to do?

Partners in Faith – This week’s hero: St Ignatius of Loyola. Learn more about this cool saint by checking out this fun video which tells his life story.

St Ignatius – The Olive

Gang, I’d also like to remind you of your assignment from last class. The handout for this assignment is posted here: Recommending Reconciliation  Please ensure you bring your completed project to class on Saturday october 20th.  If you wish to submit on-line please comment below.  Thanks!

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