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We Honor Life and Creation

This week week we study God’s commands:

  • we choose life by honoring our parents
  • we respecting human life and creation, and
  • we live a responsible and chaste life which honors our human dignity and the dignity of others.

We frequently hear the expression: “Choose Life” this week we will think about what this means to us in how we live our faith as we explore the fourth, fifth and sixth Commandments.

In the parable of the rich young man who has kept all the commandments and wants to know what more he needs to inherit heaven. What response does Jesus give him?   What do you think Jesus is asking of us through this parable?

Honoring our parents if an important responsibility discussed in the 4th Commandment. Living out this commandment. Jesus honored and respected Mary his Mother and loves and obeyed God, his Father.

What are things you can do to love, respect and honor your parents?  What can you do to respect and honor older people in our community?

We live our lives fully sharing our love of Jesus by protecting life from the very young and very old.  In this celebration of life we are demonstrating the commitment  to life.

This commandment also teaches us that we must control our tempers and refrain from angry outbursts. Why do you think God aks us to take care and mind that we don’t loose control of our tempers?

Respecting and loving life also means taking care of our own bodies, respecting nature and the environment.  In what ways do you respect your body, others and the environment?

Finally we live the sixth commandment which teaches about appropriately respecting our own bodies and living a pure life.  Within marriage husbands and wives demonstrate their commitmemt to this commandment by through their faithfulness to one another

What opportunities do students have to fully live this commandment?

Partners in Faith – Sisters’s of Life

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