We Respect All People

01 Dec

IMAGE-RESPECT-2Our lesson this week we complete our study of the commandments discussing the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth commandments.  Our focus is on respecting others and how we actively live in a way that demonstrates our appreciation of one another.

The Seventh Commandment:  You Shall Not Steal

        • We live justly not taking away from what justly belongs to others.
        • We respect that others are entitled to their fair share of the what God has given to all of us.
        • We take care of the Earth – we are stewards of creation
        • We respect the goods and property of others
        • We share with the poor (give alms)
        • We make reparation for injustice.

Question for reflections and discussion:  What are ways that you can share with those in need to make their lives better?

The Eighth Commandment: You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor – you shall not lie.

This commandment is about always speaking, acting and behaving truthfully.

  • We respect the privacy of others
  • We avoid saying anything that would harm another’s reputation
  • We do not lies
  • We do not speak sarcastically.  From the Gospel of Matthew we hear: “Let your “Yes” mean “Yes” and your “No” mean “No”.

The Ninth Commandment: You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife

This commandment calls us to be mindful of our desires, feelings and instincts with respect to our own sexuality.

  • We keep our desires and instincts to what is good and honorable
  • We respect the fidelity (or faithfulness) of the marriage commitment
  • We trust in God’s ways and value our human sexuality
  • We practice modesty in the way we think, act, dress always showing respect for ourselves adn for others.

In all of these ways we are pure of heart – living in the love of God our Father.

The Tenth Commandment – You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods

This commandment reminds us to be grateful for the things we have in our lives and to help others to have what they need.

  • We must not get caught up in wanting things excessively – this is greed. 
  • We guard against envy – that is the feeling of sadness when someone else has something that we want.

The tenths commandment reminds us to be poor in spirit – depending on God and making God more important than anything in our lives.

Partners in Faith – Thomas Merton

“For me to be a saint is to be myself” – Thomas Merton

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