Excellent Contribution by Our Class to Last Weekend’s Mass

Gang, great job participating in the Mass this weekend!   Especially proud of our students: Briana, Ashley and Chris who participated as readers – not easy to do with little preparation.  You all read beautifully and I am very proud of you!

Thanks to all the girls who helped hand out prayer cards, very much appreciated. As 8th graders you are role models and set the example for the younger students.  Keep leading the way for them!

Please remember you have an assignment for next week’s class.   See details in this blogpost:  This Saturday: We go to Mass then Exploring Our Traditions

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This Saturday: We go to Mass then Exploring Our Traditions

Gang, this Saturday we will be participating in a special Mass at the chapel along with all the Saturday Faith Formation students. Your parents are also invited.

As 8th grade students you will be able to participate in a special way.  We have been asked to have students serve as readers for this Mass.  Please let me know if you would like to read one of the readings, responsorial psalm or petitions. 

After Mass we will all get together back in the school for snacks and to socialize a bit.


And now your assignment for next class: between now and the next time we meet for a regular class (September 29th) talk to you parents, grandparents, god-parents or any other adult who has helped you to learn about their faith.   Ask the adult to describe one practice they learned as a child that helped them to have a rich experience of the Mass or some other aspect of their faith.   This could be a prayer they learned, a devotion (such as praying the rosary as a family) or a faith based family routine – for example sharing what each family member is thankful for at the dinner table.  I will share one of my own.

Deepening my experience of the Eucharist  I learned this in my high school which was a small, Catholic, girls school where I grew up in Michigan.  You may know that teenage girls can, at times, be less than charitable, maybe even a bit mean to one another. Our teacher knew this and wanted to do something to help us be kinder, more Christian to one another.  We went to Mass regularly, perhaps once a week.  Our teacher suggested that after we receive communion and were kneeling quietly in our pews watching others receive that we train ourselves to think kind thoughts of others. She suggested that we silently say “you are my sister” as we watch each of our classmates receive the Eucharist. For me it was a reminder that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ and to be kind as we think about our classmates.

This is a practice which has stayed with me. I have evolved it to be a little prayer: “God bless my sister”  or brother, etc.  If I know the person who is receiving I think of them by name: “God bless Debbie”, “God bless Phil”  etc.   I still do this today.  When I distribute communion as a Eucharistic minister I do the same thing. I think it makes a difference in how I relate to that person.

So talk to an adult, find out what practices they learned as children and share them here.  Please put the name and relationship of the person you talked to.  Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!


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Do others recognize you as Catholic? Where’s the evidence?

We call ourselves Catholic, but what does that mean?   Do others recognize you as a follower of Christ and a Catholic?  Is it important that they do so?  Why or why not?   Please reply below.


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We Respond to God’s Love


As we begin our year we will reflect on several basic concepts that are the foundation for our knowledge and understanding of God.  We will discuss: human dignity that is the concept that all people are created in God’s image and likeness.   We will reflect on the meaning of natural law or God’s law and how our consciences inform our actions.

We will review forgiveness, God’s promise of eternal life as well as God’s plan for the grace to help us achieve His plans for us.

We’ll discuss some of the things that distance us from God’s love – original sin, which we are born with but is removed by baptism. You’ll recall there are sins that we are responsible for the serious ones which are called: mortal sin and lesser but still concerning venial sins. What do we mean by the Church and the community of believers we worship with.

One way to maintain a strong relationship with God is to review your day and reflect on what has gone well that you are grateful for and also to reflect on where you could do better.   St Ignatius developed a simple approach called the Exam to help his followers do this.  Check out this resource: Busted Halo’s Examen.

We will discuss what is meant by holiness and how we can actively respond to God’s love with our lives creating the Kingdom of God.

Your assignment this week is to review this article by Cardinal Dolan (he was named Cardinal later, after this was published) and then comment on what he means by human dignity and why it is such an important belief for us. : Archbishop Dolan defines human dignity as ‘primary doctrine’ of church

I am looking forward to seeing you in class!

Ms. Walsh


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Glad You’re Here!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to Our Class!
I’m looking forward to a great year for our class.  Eighth grade is an exciting year.  Not only will you be making your confirmation this year, but as the oldest students in our school you will have an opportunity to take on leadership roles amongst your peers.   There will be many opportunities for you to become involved in Faith Formation as well as Parish and Community activities.

You’ll be learning in two key areas.  First, Christian morality that is living according to God’s law of what is right and wrong.  We will also be studying the history of our Catholic Faith from Jesus’ time to the present.  Understanding our past will help us to gain appreciation for the key beliefs of our faith, how they  have evolved and why they are important.

Participating in the classroom as well as here, on-line, in our virtual classroom is am important part of how we will all learn together as we explore the topics of study.  I invite you to participate frequently in both spaces with your thoughts, questions and suggestions!

Looking forward to a great year!

Ms. Walsh

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